Fishing In Westport

Fishing In Westport

I was very fortunate to be able to go deep sea fishing with a group from my church. I was extra fortunate because not only does my dad go with this group, but my son wanted to come as well.

The weather started off a bit cool and wet. I like this more than being in the sun. We weather is better fishing any way. This proved to be the case as our entire boat caught their limit of rock cod within an hour. Sadly, we were not able to locate any salmon or ling cod willing to be caught.

The first fish

The first fish

We fished around for some time but remained unsuccessful so we headed back to the harbor. With a quick stop for some salt water taffy, we ended the day well and look forward to next year.


We’re Boat Owners

So we just bought our first boat. This is so exciting, although I get the feeling the kids haven’t quite caught the bug. I’m sure it will kick in once the Summer gets started and we have spent some quality time in the water. Maybe I’ll change my blog to One Exciting Summer.

We have been seriously looking for about three weeks now, once we decided- Pete decided, it was time we had our own boat to operate. There are so many things to know about buying a boat that is nothing like owning a car or a plane. Hence, we have been like fishes out of water.

No worries- we have had lots of great friends giving lots of great advice. Thank you everyone! I think we saved at least $10,000 so far, and who knows how much grief!

Are first plan was to buy something between 19 and 24 feet, with a cabin, mainly for day trips and short overnighters. It wasn’t long before we considered a 30-fter. Fortunately, that did not pan out. I say fortunately because it was a lot more boat, and problem, than it looked. We deliberated a little more while keeping up with all the new additions on craigslist.

We were so blessed (so far!) to have found a boat right in our backyard- Dagmar’s Landing, north of Everett, that really suited our needs, and our budget. The State got more than we wanted to give them, and definately more than they deserve, but overall it was a good deal.

We now own a 23 foot Searay 230 Weekender. It is 23 feet long and it is ideal for weekend overnights, at least for Pete and I. Even though it is only 23 feet long, the cabin and deck layout are so efficient, all five of us will be quite comfortable, with a little more space for crab pots and a few friends.

Pete is anxious to get boating and our first outing will be Thursday. We’ll let you know how it goes.