Layed Up Another Day


Thank goodness for tablets and WiFi!  Well, I suppose I would have been fine in a decade past, but being layer up after knee surgery is a lot more entertaining in this decade.  That being said, I’m ready to have a wholly working leg and get off this couch.  A couple more days, it would seem.  I have been told, repeatedly, many people come home from simple arthromenisectomy and resume normal life the next day.  For whatever reason, this is not to me my situation.

Using my time to be productive-  This downtime has enabled me to visit some blog posts and to get re-enthused about my own blog.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog, but when I switched from using blogger to using wordpress, there was a bit of a learning curve.  I didn’t really have the time to get creative enough for how I like to blog.

I am happy to say, I figured out some fun ways to make my blog look the way I like it.  I really like the level of free-blogging wordpress offers, as apposed to the crazy-busy-ness of blogger.  I look forward to more regular blogging, and more blog creating, learning.

I added a couple of blog buttons in my side bar to a few of my favorite blogs.  Please take a minute and see what they are all about, if you have the time.

See you soon!



Hello world!

In anticipation of the Apple vs Google/Google vs Apple showdown, I have come to the conclusion I really need to leave my blogger account.  I have been less and less interested in google products for a while as they have become more complicated for me to access.  I made my decision when blogging from my google tablet (Motorola Xoom) with the android app proved complicated and un-fun.  It seems they don’t really support my tablet.

Many of the blogs I visit are on WordPress, so here I am.  So far, I like the layout options and the blogger dashboard.  I really need to do some posting to get a true feel for this domain though.   I also need to have my computer up and running, but that is another problem.  This is why I am looking forward to working with WordPress- to be able to blog on-the-go.

Saturday Home Spa Day

Colin going to school and blog photos 007

As I write this, I am marinating in coconut oil.  The house is quiet and I don’t have to go anywhere this morning.  This is the perfect opportunity to spend a little extra TLC on myself.

Coconut oil is great for the hair and scalp.  Among other properties, coconut oil contains lauric acid which is an antimicrobial.  It is an effective moisturizer because of it’s high moisture retention ability, without all the chemicals or carrier products.  It’s just simple.

I mixed up some sugar, coconut oil and lime juice for an all over body scrub.  I got the recipe from Amy at New Nostalgia blog.  She also gives her instructions for a thorough, perfectly smooth shave.

Now to deal with my nail situation…

Just before wedding day, a few of us ladies met for mani-pedis.

Moving day and pedicure pics 014

It’s been a few weeks now and I need to get these nails off.  I’ve never had gel nails before.  It was not my intention but I broke several nails so it seemed the best solution.  The manicurist tried to convince me to square the tops but I am rather partial to the rounded look.  I kind of thought they would get brittle and fall off, or something.  Surely I won’t have to go to the salon to have them removed.  I just don’t have the interest in paying the money.

Moving day and pedicure pics 015

Now, paying for a pedicure is something I don’t mind.  Beth Tags: ,,,

Anti Procrastination Tuesday Wedding Day Arrived


So glad to be here for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.  It is a pleasure to read everyone’s posts.

Some of you may already know the reason for my absence has been my daughter’s wedding.  Working full-time and homeschooling while planning and creating for my daughter’s big day meant something had to give.  That was computer/home office time.


Wedding Day crafting 053

The wedding turned out spectacularly.  I can say that now because I have had a week, no, almost two weeks to sleep it off.




That’s me, in green dress.  If you read a previous post about these big fluff balls, you know about all the work to make them.  My mom ended up making around 20, and they really turned out fabulous.  We didn’t need to decorate this place too much but a few spots were in order.  These pom lanterns, as I call them, are a nice balance to the beams and empty space.

Since it took us a good six months to prepare for this event, I am going to dissect our accomplishment into several posts.  I hope you will return to read more.  Stay tuned.

I also am in a rush to head out for work this morning…  Beth Tags: ,

Anti-Procrastination Thank You Post

I am linking today’s post with New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.


I think if I didn’t have this weekly blog party to keep me going, I would give up blogging altogether.  I’m so thankful I haven’t though because I enjoy reading all the great blog posts.  Thank you to all of you that take the time to share a little bit of your day and your world with us.


My blog today is a big THANK YOU to Sherry at Blessings From Our Nest.  A few weeks ago, she had a blog give-away for her birthday.  She does a lot of sewing and needle crafts.  I am always amazed.  You should visit her blog and see what she has made lately.  Plus, she always has great links to other projects and give aways and such.  It’s a great blog.

Sarah's 18th Birthday 030

I won.  Thank you so much, Sherry.  I am always so glad to visit your blog.


Anti-Procrastination Spur of the moment cake pops

I am linking this post to New Nostalgia for
Anti-Procrastination Tuesday


Easter snuck up on me this year.  Actually, Spring break came around really quickly.  It seems like we were just celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Then we blinked and it is Resurrection Sunday.  Gratefully, we celebrate our risen savior every day but Easter gives us a good reason to eat dinner together.

wedding day DIY 052

These ladies, from left to right are my Aunt Carolyn, my Aunt Michelle, my aunt Sadie, and my mother, Martha.  In case you can’t tell, they are all sisters.  We are very fortunate to have them all with us today.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of my grandpa, their father, too.  He was at the other end of the table.  We are very fortunate to have still with us as well.

This is the end of dinner.  When dessert time comes, I put all the desserts on the table with a couple pots of coffee, right in front of us.  Easy access.   My aunt Michelle has a tradition of making a wonder coconut cake, with 7-minute frosting.  This year she experimented by making it a jell-o poke cake.  Unfortunately, it started falling apart from it’s own weight.

wedding day DIY 049

I didn’t get a picture of it in its fallen condition but here is the piece I was eating.

wedding day DIY 050

wedding day DIY 051

Somehow we came to the conclusion now was a great time to mash the cake into cake pops.  The seven minute frosting was a perfect binder for the cake crumbs because there was a lot of frosting, and because it wasn’t as sweet as a traditional frosting used in cake pops.

wedding day DIY 055

A lady that owns a local cake and candy supply store told me this great trick for keeping the dipping chocolate liquidy by  using an electric skillet.  I don’t own one but thought I would give the rice cooker a try.  It worked beautifully.  I didn’t even have to melt the chocolate in the microwave, which I hate doing because I can taste a difference in the flavor of the chocolate.

I had to scrounge around the house for chocolate since this was an unexpected project.  I used 70% cocoa chocolate.

wedding day DIY 057

We were suppose to save my daughter a slice of the cake.  I hope she will be satisfied with a cake pop.

Daughter Review:  The cake tasted too strawberry/fruity and they were not dense enough.  Overall, she liked them though.  (The fruiti-ness was due to adding jell-o to the cake and yes, the cake ball was not very dense, which does not make a very good cake pop.)

Now to figure out how to display 500 cake pops at the wedding reception.

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday


I just couldn’t resist adding a quick post to the Tuesday line-up.  I have been missing Anti-Procrastination Tuesday for a few weeks now.  Rest assured it is not because I have been procrastinating… hee, hee!

Wedding Day crafting 053

On the contrary, we have been quite productive lately.  Really we have to, if we want this wedding to be the wedding we have envisioned.  (My daughter gets married in June.)

I have a list of three tasks I have accomplished over the weekend.

  1. We started wedding day crafts (What do you think about these pom-lanterns?)  Read the previous post to find out about wedding day crafting.
  2. I cleaned out my closet of all unwanted kids clothes and other items.  Whenever the kids have items they don’t want or can’t wear, I have them put them in my closet.  My closet is essentially a room, so it makes sense to put everything there.

Pete's Birthday 023

3.  The last thing I accomplished is sorting and organizing my shopping bag stash.  This may look like a lot of reusable bags, but I like to have them on hand so when I have stuff to give away, I have a bag handy.


tea party on the go 102

The three things I will be accomplishing this week are:

  • 1.  Making arrangements for dance lessons, for the wedding reception
  • 2.  Making a hair appointment to talk wedding day hair
  • 3.  Lastly, I have to buy my dress for the wedding
  • … 4.  Oh, I am going to take some time to have coffee with a friend, too.