Painting accomplished- mostly. After three years, we painted 15 different colors (I am not counting the white ones) throughout our home, much to Pete’s shagrin. He is not a fan of color and wishes every wall could be white. I love color. Unfortunately, Colin is a big fan of color, too, so when I only painted one wall orange, he was rather disappointed. We ended up painting a second wall blue to keep him satisfied. It is his room afterall, and it’s just a little color.
This completes our Summer remodeling. Now we are going to clean everything up and put the tools away so we can go boating, and fishing. We have almost a month left to enjoy our time before the kids are buried in school work once again.
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Always Something to Remodel

When we bought this home, it was with the intention of making improvements to suit our family. The time has come to improve the sleeping quarters situation. Connor and Colin have shared a room as long as they can. Alas, their different understandings of “clean” have forced us to build a room for Colin. Connor is staying in the original room, although it is being updated to suit his needs. The biggest change for Connor is moving from a twin bed to a much needed queen size. We’re hoping he will still fit in a queen when he gets home from Wisconsin.

Above are the photos of Connor’s room, and below are Colin’s new room. We had to split a very large store room to create a bedroom.