Outdoor Wednesday Drive to Cashmere, WA

Outdoor Wednesday #80

In the sixth grade, my neighborhood friend moved to Cashmere, WA.  Right after her husband graduated college, they moved to Ridgecrest, CA.  We have done an acceptable job staying in-touch, mostly because email makes the process easier.  It’s even easier when she comes home to see her family.
I took a day to head over to Cashmere, about 115 miles away to see her.
Cheryl and Me  I’m in pink!
The drive is about three hours because about thirty miles the speed limit is thirty miles an hour, plus it’s Road Construction Season.  That wasn’t so bad though because there are some really interesting shops and things to look at through the little towns.  You can’t look and drive sixty miles an hour!
I spent several hours visiting with my friend, but once I got on the road to come home, I couldn’t fight the urge to stop many times and take many pictures.

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Outdoor Wednesday

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Sleep is not happening tonight so it is three AM and I have found an interesting Wednesday blog event in which to participate.  I think I’m a little late to be included in the list but I loved the picture posted at asoutherndaydreamer blog, I had to post something in response.
clean boat 004  Since the rain finally slowed down around here, I have been able to wax our boat.  My husband has been after me pretty much since he brought the boat home in October to clean and wax it.  There didn’t seem much point to do it before all the work on the hull and the engine was done.  Then the weather was not agreeable to cleaning and/or waxing.  As the work was being completed, I was seriously concerned I would not get it cleaned up before we put it back at the marina.
First Ride on the Boat 032
Today is launch day, I’m excited to say.  (Maybe this is why I am awake at three AM.)  I can hardly wait to get on the water.  High tide is around 7AM, I believe.  I think we have to have the boat at the marina just shortly after that to launch, otherwise the Snohomish River will be too low to enter and head out to the Sound.  Oh, I just love thinking about the day ahead!
Boat first day of shrimp season 049
Boat first day of shrimp season 052
These are photos from last year, in May.  We spent a fabulous, impromptu evening outing with the kids.  These photos are actually from the same evening, just a few minutes apart.  The first is in the Sound, near Everett.  The second is from the Snohomish River, almost back at Dagmar’s.