Fishing In Westport

Fishing In Westport

I was very fortunate to be able to go deep sea fishing with a group from my church. I was extra fortunate because not only does my dad go with this group, but my son wanted to come as well.

The weather started off a bit cool and wet. I like this more than being in the sun. We weather is better fishing any way. This proved to be the case as our entire boat caught their limit of rock cod within an hour. Sadly, we were not able to locate any salmon or ling cod willing to be caught.

The first fish

The first fish

We fished around for some time but remained unsuccessful so we headed back to the harbor. With a quick stop for some salt water taffy, we ended the day well and look forward to next year.


Outdoor Wednesday

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Sleep is not happening tonight so it is three AM and I have found an interesting Wednesday blog event in which to participate.  I think I’m a little late to be included in the list but I loved the picture posted at asoutherndaydreamer blog, I had to post something in response.
clean boat 004  Since the rain finally slowed down around here, I have been able to wax our boat.  My husband has been after me pretty much since he brought the boat home in October to clean and wax it.  There didn’t seem much point to do it before all the work on the hull and the engine was done.  Then the weather was not agreeable to cleaning and/or waxing.  As the work was being completed, I was seriously concerned I would not get it cleaned up before we put it back at the marina.
First Ride on the Boat 032
Today is launch day, I’m excited to say.  (Maybe this is why I am awake at three AM.)  I can hardly wait to get on the water.  High tide is around 7AM, I believe.  I think we have to have the boat at the marina just shortly after that to launch, otherwise the Snohomish River will be too low to enter and head out to the Sound.  Oh, I just love thinking about the day ahead!
Boat first day of shrimp season 049
Boat first day of shrimp season 052
These are photos from last year, in May.  We spent a fabulous, impromptu evening outing with the kids.  These photos are actually from the same evening, just a few minutes apart.  The first is in the Sound, near Everett.  The second is from the Snohomish River, almost back at Dagmar’s.

Busy Sunny Day

Well we finally got a reprieve from the rain, all-be-it short.  Granted, I am partial to rainy, gray days, but sunny, dry days allow more work to get done.
First off, my husband took the day to get the engine in our boat.  He has been rebuilding our 23ft Searay since October of last year.  After all the fiberglass work, he started rebuilding the engine.
Boat engine and cats 001
I even had to maneuver the trailer to get the boat under the engine.  The last time I backed a trailer up, I jack-knifed it into the back end of our suburban.  This is definitely a skill with which I struggle.
One other great thing that happened on this sunny day was the return of our cat, Hummer.  He wandered off last week and we figured he would come home, eventually.  We were starting to fear he was gone for good.  Fortunately, he befriended a lady that decided after a few days of not going away, she should take him to a vet clinic to check for a tracking chip.  Hummer came with a tracking chip and the vet clinic called us right away.
Boat engine and cats 017
We were so, so happy to have him returned and as much as those chips creep me out, I am grateful for the device.  Sarah gave him a bath.

Crabbing Season Opens

Crabbing season opened the day before our camping trip to Orcas Island. Of course we weren’t going to miss out on the opportunity to get some crab, in our new boat. We had to get up early to get our pots out as soon as was legal- 7am. Sarah and Connor were not that excited to start the day so early but Colin was raring to go. With all five of us onboard, we were able to take home 25 crab- if we found them.

We did! We actually caught all the crab we could for that day before 11am.

Ahh, Now We Are Catching On

Today was a most excellent day on the water. We were virtually the only ones for miles. We had some minor bumps along the way, but we figured things out and really enjoyed learning more about the boat, about being in the water and just about being together.
The Puget Sound was so relaxing and beautiful. We dropped three shrimp pots near the North end of Whidbey Island, on a tip that the shrimp were plentiful in that area. Once the pots were secure, we had a bite to eat and we let the waves float the boat around while we relaxed in the sunshine. It was so nice not to worry about what time it was, except to retrieve the shrimp pots.
This was the fun part. When we left the dock, another boater gave us a funny smile when we said we would be pulling our pots out of the water by hand. We knew they would be heavy, and most people use a wench, but we figured it would be ok to try it by hand to start with. Well, the pots were heavy. It wasn’t horrible but I couldn’t help but think of that man on the dock, laughing about our plight. I guess this was the positive part about the pots being empty. Sad, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.
We went home to get Sarah and finished the day with one more run around Hat Island. Every time we take the boat out, it gets easier. The kids were so much fun to watch and the sunset was amazing. We are looking forward to a very boat-filled Summer.

We’re Boat Owners

So we just bought our first boat. This is so exciting, although I get the feeling the kids haven’t quite caught the bug. I’m sure it will kick in once the Summer gets started and we have spent some quality time in the water. Maybe I’ll change my blog to One Exciting Summer.

We have been seriously looking for about three weeks now, once we decided- Pete decided, it was time we had our own boat to operate. There are so many things to know about buying a boat that is nothing like owning a car or a plane. Hence, we have been like fishes out of water.

No worries- we have had lots of great friends giving lots of great advice. Thank you everyone! I think we saved at least $10,000 so far, and who knows how much grief!

Are first plan was to buy something between 19 and 24 feet, with a cabin, mainly for day trips and short overnighters. It wasn’t long before we considered a 30-fter. Fortunately, that did not pan out. I say fortunately because it was a lot more boat, and problem, than it looked. We deliberated a little more while keeping up with all the new additions on craigslist.

We were so blessed (so far!) to have found a boat right in our backyard- Dagmar’s Landing, north of Everett, that really suited our needs, and our budget. The State got more than we wanted to give them, and definately more than they deserve, but overall it was a good deal.

We now own a 23 foot Searay 230 Weekender. It is 23 feet long and it is ideal for weekend overnights, at least for Pete and I. Even though it is only 23 feet long, the cabin and deck layout are so efficient, all five of us will be quite comfortable, with a little more space for crab pots and a few friends.

Pete is anxious to get boating and our first outing will be Thursday. We’ll let you know how it goes.