Henna Hair Color

I am crazy about henna hair color.

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I was reluctantly to make the switch to natural hair color because I wasn’t sure it would actually cover my gray.


It turns out, henna doesn’t actually color your hair.  It brings out the natural color.  I suspect if you have light enough hair, you could color your hair, but it would be much less than a chemical color.

I buy the powdered type but there is pre-mixed types as well.  I like that I can make as much or as little as I need for each application.  I can also mix it to the consistency I prefer.  The directions call to mix with hot water but they also suggest adding red or black tea to enhance the color effect.  I brew a strong cup of tea.  Another trick is to add apple cider vinegar to help cover the gray.

Clearly henna doesn’t look that pleasing, but it also has an odor issue.  I tried adding some essential oil to conceal it.  That worked somewhat.  This time I added a lot of cinnamon and some ginger.  The combination of the spices with the cider vinegar gave the mix a mild cider fragrance.  The earthiness was definitely subdued.


I apply the mix using a color brush.  You get these from the beauty supply store.  I start with my part line, then move my hair to do my hair line around my face.  Oh, also, very important is to wear gloves.  Henna will color your skin.  When I find the brush is no longer effective, I just use my hands to scoop small amounts, massaging the mix throughout my hair.

The great part of powdered henna is you can make a small amount for just covering your roots, or you can make enough to cover your whole head.  I decided to color my whole head this time.


Covering the hair with plastic wrap and then a shower cap helps heat up the head, which helps the color seal to the hair.


I added an extra layer with this t shirt to help keep it all together, but to also keep it all warm.  Incidentally, using a t shirt to wrap wet hair after a shower is a great way to let your hair dry without getting frizzy because the fabric causes less friction on your hair.  I find putting a t shirt on, inverted, before starting the color process is just the perfect way to catch any drips.  It stays put, unlike using a towel.

Are you excited to see how it all turns out?  Stay tuned for my next post.

Thanks for stopping by.  Beth


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