Baby Shower Projects

It was only last June when we were deep into wedding crafts.  Now my daughter is getting ready to have my first grandbaby, a girl.  I couldn’t resist the fun in throwing her a baby shower.

Deciding on the design for the invitation.

I wasn’t actually thinking of blogging about the projects I am doing but my daughter asked me to since I keep telling her about the things I’m making.

Tags for labeling food table.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to finding a calming effect when crafting.  It has been so relieving to come home from work to a project I can work on for an hour or so before crawling into bed.


I have decoration projects, game projects, and gift projects.  It’s nice to have several projects to work on at the same time because when I run out of supplies, I still have something to do without having to get to the craft store.


These are the “treat bags” for our guests.  I had a different idea of how I was going to do this but then I got on Pinterest.  Ultimately I decided on a different bag design.  Once I started creating these purses, the project evolved a couple of times.  The pattern I started with became useless as I made a couple of bad cuts.  It was kind of comical but I recovered and they really ended up very cute.

I started with the idea from My Chic n Scratch blog for the Hershey’s Nugget purse but what I have to put inside is bigger so I had to alter it a bit.

I’m out of ribbon to complete this project so onto the next one.

Simple- jewel glue painted on the pin head, sprinkle with fine glitter.  Coat with clear nail polish to keep glitter from rubbing all over.  (Affectionately known as craft-herpes.)

Ok, this is a little odd.  I had the idea of the diaper pin game. Who know, where you get so many pins when you arrive at the party and you have to give up a pin every time you say a word.  Well I saw these really cute safety pins I thought would be perfect for the game.  When I went to buy them, I found out they are discontinued.  Why is the picture still out there?  So once I got the idea to have cute safety pins instead of plain ones, I didn’t want anything else.  I couldn’t find anything I liked so obviously, glitter to the rescue!  Before you worry these are blue and not pink, I actually have green ones and am working on the pink ones. ( These are actually turquoise any way.)

We are going to have a great time honoring the arrival of these wee-little one.  I’m so excited for that day.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy crafting.



One thought on “Baby Shower Projects

  1. Hi Beth, I like your ideas. The elephant’s are so cute. You could use clothes pins instead of safety pins….just saying. I know you will be a great Grandma…God Bless you and yours.


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