Laundry Room Re-Do



I am linking today’s post with New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.

before after

I have been putting off getting my laundry room in order for too long.  The unfortunate aspect of the laundry room is it is also the most used entry way into our home.  Everyone walks through this room.  What do you do?  Life happens and you end up putting things wherever is easiest.

The shower curtain trick is brilliant, really.  Simple and yet so functional.  I was surprised at how expensive a package of curtain shower rings has gotten but thankfully I found a pack at a local discount retailer; $3.99 instead of $7.99.

laundry room re do 001

The full-size HE washer and dryer, although much appreciated, take up a large portion of this room.  They go right up to the back door and right up to the cabinets.  Basically, if I could move it out of this room, I did.

I am not fully finished fixing this problem yet so I will have another blog post when it is complete.

laundry room re do 004

Another job I finally got done was organizing all my ribbon.  I bring these snack containers home from work because I know they have to have a secondary use and I thought ribbon containers made sense.  Sadly, I have just been putting the ribbon in without consideration.

laundry room re do 006   laundry room re do 007   laundry room re do 008

Adding a pencil to keep the rolls in order and be able to pull the ribbon out easily was something I should have done a long time ago.  This was my DUH! moment.

laundry room re do 009

I even had one of the rubbermaid ribbon containers, not being used.  Why?  Just because I didn’t take the time to put the ribbon on the spindle and thread it through the slits.

laundry room re do 011

This is all my ribbon, tucked away, under my desk.  I know I don’t have as much ribbon as a lot of women, but this feels like a lot of ribbon to me.  Now to find uses for it all.



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