Where Bloggers Create 2011


I finally got my office pretty organized and cleaned up, and without my daughter’s prodding.  This event is my motivation.  While a clean creating space is not a criteria for participation, I wanted to share my space, not my mess.

blog photos 090

My space is purely escape-oriented.  I do not create anything to make money.  Whatever I do in this office is completely at the whim of the mood of the day.  While this is my room, I love it when my kids come to do a project or just to hang out with me.  I even share my computer, on occasion.

blog photos 089

I do crafts of all sorts; whatever strikes me at the time.  I have bead stuff for making jewelry, card-making stuff, and of course, I sew.

blog photos 094

blog photos 098

blog photos 099

One reason this room is so essential to my daily life is because it houses my collections and things I have a hard time moving on.  I do have a rule now that if I can’t display it, I probably need to get rid of it.  My daughter has to stay on top of my collecting so I don’t keep everything.  Isn’t there a blog party about collections?  Maybe I should post to that some time.

I tried putting everything away and making my shelves sort of bare and stream lined.  That is not a very appealing look, to me.  I like the idea of it, and it is so much easier to clean, but it was just too boring and took away my creativity.  I am very happy to just sit in my office and look around.


blog photos 095 blog photos 103

Many of the items I have kept are things that have been given to me by all the grandparents.  The light colored box in the photo on the left is full of old gas station receipts from my parents.  Why did they keep these?  It is kind of fun to look at today though- $.35 a gallon in 1969!

The hat in the photo on the right is from my father-in-law.  It was his Balmoral Bonnet.  That’s a type of Scottish hat the Highlanders wore.  He gave it to my son just before he died.  I especially like that my FIL was able to give it to my son in person.

blog photos 097

blog photos 096

I bought this vinyl butterfly from Uppercase Living last year.  I just now put it on the wall, for these photos.  I don’t know why it took me so long.  I am very happy with the look- a nice contrast to all the dimensional objects on the wall, and I love that it matches my hanging file.

blog photos 102

Something else I like to hang up in my office are my children’s projects and any other artwork from the kids in my life.  The gold framed calligraphy was done by my daughter.  In the upper right, inside the vine-trimmed frame are two pictures drawn by my very artistic niece.  I love the artwork she gives me so I display it wherever I can.

untitled blog photos 096

Oh, I don’t know if you noticed the recent issue of Where Women Create, sitting on the desk.  I would love to pass this along.  I will do a drawing from the names of those that leave a comment on this post.  Spread the word by mentioning my post on your blog and you get another entry.  I will do the drawing on Monday, July 25th.  Any comments on this post through Sunday the 24th will count.   Happy Blogging.



54 thoughts on “Where Bloggers Create 2011

  1. I am re-visiting the list, I think because I was in such a hurry to see as much as possible last time round I may have missed adding a few comments. You are so lucky to have a space that is your own, loved looking at your space.


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