Help When I Didn’t Even Ask, or Didn’t Know I Needed

BFI  04192011 003

Working full-time is a big adjustment from being stay-at-home mom.  I don’t think it’s the time that’s hard but the time on top of my mom-job.  Even though I don’t do as much at home as I used to, I still try to maintain a presence.

The reality is, my presence at home lately as been just that- present.  I come home and am so tired.  I make time for daily interacting with the kids and husband.  I don’t make time for home-making, which is usually exhibited in my many baskets of laundry, waiting to be folded.

To my great delight, daughter is very gracious.  She has stepped up to the plate of keeping the order in the home while I’m gone.  Since she has been so helpful, without asking usually, we have turned this into a job for her.  I don’t know what I will do when she gets a job.

Last night when I left for work (at 4:30pm), daughter was touching up undone painting around the house.  She called me at midnight to see when I was coming home because she had a surprise for me.  I contemplated what that might be.

around the airport and new laundry room 038

When I got home, at 5:00 am, even in the dark, I could tell something was very different about the laundry room.  Our backdoor enters through our laundry room and it is the one room we have not painted, ever.  It was not pretty, until yesterday.

around the airport and new laundry room 036

Sadly, I don’t have before pictures.  Of course, I’m not sure I would post them.  The room was dingy and dusty.  I didn’t have very good order, though not from a lack of trying.  Too much stuff, too little space.  Now, the color is clean and fresh.  I like how she put the blue behind the machines.

laundry room shelf 002

I put this shelf here early on but have always had the wrong things on it, in the wrong order.

laundry room shelf 003

These jars a great example.  I had a ton of them, in a basket, on that shelf.  Daughter condensed them and stuck them in the cabinet.

My first thought when I saw the new paint was how great it looked.  My next thought, unfortunately, was that it would have been nice if she had talked to me first.  I quickly got that thought under control.  I don’t have time to get the laundry room in order.  I NEED HELP, and I can’t always see where I need help first.  Sure, there are a few things I would have done differently or maybe even some things that I see to be done still.  I can always do them later, IF I get the time.

Thank you, daughter, for your huge help.  I love the laundry room.  I know the way it looks effects everyone in our home, as well as those who come to our home.  What a great surprise.


9 thoughts on “Help When I Didn’t Even Ask, or Didn’t Know I Needed

  1. This is odd to post a comment to my own blog but as I am sitting here, looking at the post, I realize the laundry room paint is the same as my office! No wonder I like it so much.


  2. I was a SAHM for 28 years. I worked from home doing different things through that time but mostly I was just busy keeping a home and constantly trying to make it a great place for everyone. I went back to work a year and half ago and what an adjustment…for all of us. First of all I made sure from the beginning that I was not doing both jobs. My husband and son still at home would both have to help out more. It quickly became apparent to them how much I actually did do at home. Going out to work is way easier than what I did all those years. Plus I get paid for it. You are so lucky you have that girl!!!! I think a manicure/pedicure treat should be in store for her…and you of course.


  3. Marianne, Wouldn't that be great if my daughter had the time for me to loan her out? I imagine you are training your daughters to be just as helpful and respectful of their mother and home.Lori- I was wondering if anyone else was going through the same change as me. You are right, the rest of the family has to change their ways, too. That is a big reason why I decided to take the full-time job. I knew if I stayed home, there would be no reason for everyone to take on the house jobs, and the boys need to learn how to take care of a home just like my daughter has learned. I tend to mother-hen the boys, including hubby, so staying out of it is harder than I imagined. I'm learning!


  4. I love that Sarah saw a need and did what she could to make things better. I think your laundry room looks great. Working outside our homes can be a blessing in many ways for our families but there are trials that come with it. Letting others help out and letting go of some things as a wife and mom is a good thing but hard to do. Have a great rest of the week.


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