Unconventional Gleaning

As I have a short break between trips to band class, I realize how long it has been since I posted to my blog.  So sad.  It is my job that is taking up all my time.

One pleasant side effect of this job though has been all the left-over food I have been bringing home.  This has been particularly helpful since I haven’t found much time to go grocery shopping.

Christmas tree and more 005

I know, left-over food does not sound that great.  Most of what I bring home is uncooked and unprepared, which is why no one else wants to bring it home.  It would be such a shame to waste all the food that goes uneaten.  Bananas are a staple.  Particularly if they are overripe, which is great for making muffins.  Apples past their prime have been wonderful for apple sauce and apple pies.

Christmas tree and more 007

All the raw vegetables get a quick blanche and then I freeze them.  We just got one of those sealer machines, too.  The money I didn’t spend on food this month paid for the machine.

Christmas tree and more 008

The vegetable selection has been wonderful, too.  Not the same old vegetables, although we get a lot of broccoli and carrots.

Christmas tree and more 014

This bag of dried fruit wasn’t a big hit but I just blend the fruit into smaller bits to add to oatmeal cookies.

Christmas tree and more 018

Gleaning is a concept that can be looked down on because of the lesser-quality or the hard work.  I love gleaning, especially in the unconventional sense.   Where ever there is an abundance, I look for ways to not waste.  Of course there are times when the food has to go.  No more frozen meatballs.

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