I Was On a Roll

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday, Here I come!


When I started blogging, I was encouraged to think I could make a regular habit of posting.  My mind was full of great post ideas, and I had my camera ready for impromptu photo ops.  Link parties and regular followers helped keep me focused.

cleaning the office and other randomness 002

How long ago was that?  Not very.  Since then, as you can see by reading my earlier posts, my business has had a sudden boom.  It is nearly impossible to spend time at my computer these days.  I am encouraged to know there is a break coming though.

Procrastination around my home can create some real problems when I am away from the house as much as I have been. The laundry builds up, the ironing gets way out of control, and the biggest problem is keeping up on paper work for my business.

In order to get a few things under control, I set aside 30-45 minutes each day to pick three jobs.  For instance, Saturday, I got all of my husband’s ironing done.  I still have my pile- about 12 to 15 items, I think.  I have many items that either need to be dropped off at the thrift store or posted to craigslist.  I took one item and listed it- my Elna sewing machine.  It didn’t work but I knew someone would like it since it is such a great machine.  I even posted  a couple of items to freecycle.  Of course there are always items laying around my office so I find a few things to put away immediately.

cleaning the office and other randomness 023

Just getting a few things out of my way so my house is more in order helps me keep a busy schedule in check.  Getting this post done and linked to Amy’s Blog, New Nostalgia is my big anti-procrastination accomplishment today.  Yea! For Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.

Happy Blogging,



2 thoughts on “I Was On a Roll

  1. Keep up the good work Beth. I have gone up and down with keeping up with things also. Blogging great fun and inspiring but actually getting things accomplished is even better. Have a great week.


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