So Much Gratefulness Gratitude Wednesday


A few weeks ago, I discovered Heart and Home, Life on the Redwood Coast blog.  Being exceptionally partial to the redwood coast, I love reading this blog.  Isn’t her blog picture so pretty?  Interestingly, she posts a weekly blog about gratitude.  I am grateful for her blog and for sharing about life on the coast.  Thank you, Heidi.

around the house August 013

My week has been full of gratitude but I want to share a minute extra special gratefulness.  This picture does not depict the large pile of junk and debris that was left from rebuilding the boat and several home repair projects.  The big spots of dead grass are a good indication though.  It never occurred to me to take a picture of that horrible pile.

Our intention was to load it into the truck and haul it to the dump.  Fortunately, our very generous neighbor embarked on a large remodeling project which required having a large dumpster on his property.  He offered for us to put our trash in it since he wasn’t going to fill it.  (Yes, we are paying for our part of the load.)

around the house August 014

The other blessing was to have our home full of twelve teenagers this morning.  When I discovered all these kids would be coming to our home, the gears started turning.  All the kids were so willing to help.  They got it cleaned up in about ten minutes.

I am so grateful for my kids’ friends, and the friends of friends.  We have not realized the typical teenage behavior of rebelliousness as our kids have grown.  All of these kids are so nice to be around and we are grateful they enjoy coming to hang out at our house.

around the house August 015


4 thoughts on “So Much Gratefulness Gratitude Wednesday

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, and for joining Wednesday Gratitude! I appreciate your support, and can relate to your post this week! I, too, have been blessed with great kids coming 'round and helping out when I've needed them. NO attitudes or entitlement among the young people I know, thank goodness!I remember a big pile of roofing material that we finally got rid of, it was such a huge relief, and so lovely to see the empty space where the pile had been! I can understand your gratitude.Have a great weekend.XOHeidi – Heart and Home


  2. Hi Beth,I enjoyed reading your post on gratitude. So nice that you aren't dealing with a lot of rebelliousness. Thanks for coming to my blog and posting a comment. (I didn't even think the comments were working on my blog!)Thanks again and have a great weekend!


  3. It is so great when something like that is accomplished. I haven't posted for gratitude Wednesday lately and should get back to doing that. Thanks for sharing.


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