Menu Plan Monday- Chili Mac to Spaghetti

As I mentioned a few days ago, I discovered the blog link party, Menu Plan Monday at  I was writing out my menu plan tonight and I almost forgot all about the link party.  Fortunately, I am using a few quiet minutes to catch up with a few blogs.  When I checked in on Lora at My Blessed Life, I saw the Menu Monday link.

My menu is simple but I have a few recipes I want to change or update.  I also want to mention my friend Sherry,, uses e-mealz and really enjoys the ease of this service.  I am going to look into this a little more.


Read her latest post about Peace.  You will be encouraged.

We are a second shift family so wake ups occur randomly.  This means I don’t really plan breakfast.  I keep a collection of cereals, frozen waffles, milk, fruit (which no one eats until it has been thoroughly cooked into something sweet) breakfast meats (no one can cook for themselves, unless under complete starvation- it’s a teenage thing) and quick oats, because my two teenage boys will actually cook this for themselves. 

It’s a good thing because I am usually very busy making dinner around 10am.  I have to have dinner done before 1pm so my hubby can take it to work.  This also means I don’t do lunches, typically.  Everyone is usually coming and going by late morning so planning would be complicated.  There is usually something leftover from dinner and then there is always sandwich stuff.

Now for the dinner plan.  I keep my dinner plan on a separate MS Office Calendar, complete with color codes for dinner, sides and salads.

Menu Plan
Week of August 2 through August 8

Monday:  Chili Mac, green/garden salad.  Crusty bread.  Since this entre includes pasta, I won’t serve a side and will make the salad a little more filling.

TuesdayRoast Chicken (Costco), mashed potatoes, steamed veggies (Normandy Blend)

WednesdayMarinated Ham Steaks, au gratin potatoes, green salad

ThursdayLeftovers/Sandwiches and Salad

FridayBurritos with homemade flour tortillas and spinach salad

SaturdayChicken Curry with Rice, mixed greens salad

SundaySpaghetti with meatballs, Caesar salad, crusty bread


Now that I have explained why I don’t plan out breakfast, I have to add that my brother is coming for a fast visit this week.  We are all getting together for breakfast at my house one morning.  This requires planning.  It also requires waking up somewhat early, including teenagers.  So far, I have juice and coffee on the breakfast menu.


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday- Chili Mac to Spaghetti

  1. Well now that is a great start. Give me coffee and we can worry about what to eat after the caffeine starts coursing through my system. No I'm not addicted, I can quick any time I want to…I just don't want to.


  2. Thanks, Lori E. I have problems with stumble, too, so no worries. I appreciate the effort.I appreciate everyone's comments, too. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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