Tablescape Queen of Hearts Tea Table

Tablescape Thursday 100th post Celebration!

Over the years, I have volunteered to host a table at our church’s annual Ladies’ Tea.  I was thinking about the different tables I have set over the years.  I haven’t always taken photos (bad) and many of the photos I have taken haven’t been the best of images.

2004 Ladies Tea (7)

I don’t even have a recollection of doing this table.  My mom must have helped me because the roses are so beautiful.  The roses at each setting are writing pens and I still have a couple of them.  Fortunately, this is a digital picture and it is time stamped 2004.  Why I don’t recall this event, I can’t say.  I suppose the years just start blending.

2004 Ladies Tea (8)

Pick a card, any card!

2004 Ladies Tea cutout  Just the right treats- scones, fruits and cucumber sandwiches.

 Tablescape dishes 001

Olde English Countryside, made in England by Johnson Bros- a genuine hand engraving Ironstone.  These are my designated Thanksgiving dishes.

Tablescape dishes 002

My mother gave me this beautiful teapot, either for my birthday or for Mother’s Day; the holiday is not important.  She is always giving me such nice things.  Part of our inspiration for this table must have come from this teapot.  Crown Dorset, Staffordshire Fine Ceramics, Staffordshire England.    See, isn’t my mom so sweet?


17 thoughts on “Tablescape Queen of Hearts Tea Table

  1. Stopping by for the first time. I recently joined the Bloggerette Sorority and wanted to meet some of the 'sisters'.My blog door is always open for new friends. Drop by, help yourself to some tea and cookies and meet my 6 dogs.God bless.


  2. What a fun to choose a card and then to find the seat. So you are sure to make new friends. What a pretty table and nice idea to use this rose writing pens. Thank yu so much for sharing this beautiful table. I am sure, your church’s annual Ladies’ Tea was a delightful event. Greetings, Johanna


  3. Your rose topiaries really make your table jump out from the others at the tea. I love that you did the table with your mom. Those are precious moments and treasured memories. Thank you for sharing your delightful table. Cherry Kay


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