Outdoor Wednesday Drive to Cashmere, WA

Outdoor Wednesday #80

In the sixth grade, my neighborhood friend moved to Cashmere, WA.  Right after her husband graduated college, they moved to Ridgecrest, CA.  We have done an acceptable job staying in-touch, mostly because email makes the process easier.  It’s even easier when she comes home to see her family.
I took a day to head over to Cashmere, about 115 miles away to see her.
Cheryl and Me  I’m in pink!
The drive is about three hours because about thirty miles the speed limit is thirty miles an hour, plus it’s Road Construction Season.  That wasn’t so bad though because there are some really interesting shops and things to look at through the little towns.  You can’t look and drive sixty miles an hour!
I spent several hours visiting with my friend, but once I got on the road to come home, I couldn’t fight the urge to stop many times and take many pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Outdoor Wednesday Drive to Cashmere, WA

  1. All your photos along the way are very nice, but the best part is sharing time with a special friend. Friends usually stick by you sometimes when your family don't. Glad you had a nice day.


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