Hoo Am I? Hoo Are You Tuesday Blog Party

I discovered a fun, and easy, Tuesday Blog party at http://nightowlcrafting.blogspot.com/  Leslie  posts a few fun questions and we answer them in our own blog post.  What a great way for me to help you get to know me better!


Here are this week’s questions:

1.  Have I ever broken a bone or any part of my body? Only my pride, on occasion.  I am happy to say, with as many dangerous predicaments I have gotten myself into over the years, I have avoided major injuries.

2.  What is my favorite drink?  Definitely coffee.  Boring, I know.  I’m from Seattle- what can I say?

3.  When is my birthday? Year not required.  February.

4.  Do I have any allergies?  Not really, although I tend to get some brief seasonal grief, depending on the flora.

5.  What is one of my all time favorite movies?  Off the top of my list, Die Hard.  I watch this movie almost every time it comes on TV.  There is just something about Bruce, and I love explosions and lots of action, oh, and airport drama, and there’s Bruce.

So this is a little more about me.  Hope you enjoy this quick read.  Check out Leslie’s blog and all the other blog party links.

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15 thoughts on “Hoo Am I? Hoo Are You Tuesday Blog Party

  1. I have broken my pride a few times too. Coffee thats a different answer. I can't drink much unless theres lots of milk and lots of sugar then its bad for me, but I do like the smell of some coffee brands. I took a look around your blog and its cute.


  2. I LOVED this, although it was too short! I like getting to know more about you!! Also, I really enjoyed the post with all the parties listed out. I just started doing the Bloomin' Tuesday a few weeks ago but did not know of many others, thanks for the tip!! Hope you are having a great day.love katrina


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