Too Hot, Do Nothing

I could not be near my computer this week.  We were blessing with a bit of a hot spell here in Washington.  We took advantage of the weather and did as little as possible.  I choose to absorb as much heat as possible on these days because we get very few hot days.  Our cool, fall weather comes way too fast and our winters can be too long.

We don’t have air conditioning and see no purpose, yet.  I’m not that old.  No use of hot things- oven, dryer, iron, etc, and lots of cold water.   This included my computer since my office stayed overly hot.  It has since cooled down.

On the hottest day, my husband and I got up extra early to go crabbing.  The water was amazing.

2nd crabbing trip 8 Jul 001

2nd crabbing trip 8 Jul 003

2nd crabbing trip 8 Jul 016

2nd crabbing trip 8 Jul 014

We limited out for the day before 10am.  All the work done before the heat of the day so laying around in the shade filled the rest of the afternoon.

I wish I had more interesting news and projects to share but I thought these pictures of the Mukilteo area of Washington would interest some people.  It is a beautiful part of our state and I am so blessed to be able to enjoy it from water side.


4 thoughts on “Too Hot, Do Nothing

  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine weather like yours to not have AC. We have to run ours constantly from April until October. The humidity is atrocious! The crab looks yummy too! XXMollye


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