Sorority RUSH Project

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As I was visiting Where Bloggers Create II blogs, I stumbled across another blog event, Sister in the  Bloggerette Sorority.  I love the idea.  Last week, Karen of Some Days are Diamonds blog, had RUSH week.  She posted a picture and each participant had to create something with the picture and blog about their creation, including a picture of them self with the project.

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I didn’t make the time line but Karen wants everyone that wants, to be included.  Even though this is late, I completed an old-fashioned looking pin.  I used mat board for the base.  I glued a small version of the picture on the mat board, then used embossing crystals to coat the top.  As I was waiting for things to dry, I went through my button collection to embellish the edges.  Of course it wouldn’t be quite finished without some Swarovski crystals in blue.  The other gems are from an inexpensive stretchy bracelet.

blog sorority RUSH project 007

Overall, it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to.  The embossing powder didn’t melt completely clear so the picture is a little hard to see.  I also want to add to the edges but I haven’t figured out how or with what.  I’m going to keep working on this project


11 thoughts on “Sorority RUSH Project

  1. I found your name on the Sorority list and had to come and see your project. It is very creative and I'll want to see it in person. You took a very nice picture by the way. I am so glad your are a sister in the Bloggerette Sorority.


  2. Hi Beth!I think your pin turned out great! It looks like something you might come across in your grandma's jewelry box.Nice to 'meet' you.Hugs, Debi from Utah


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