Plane # 5

Just to prove there is no excuse for not blogging, I am adding a quick blog update.  Today, I got to go to the airport and watch 787 No 5 take off, I think for San Antonio.  I’ll ask for sure.  I never get tired of seeing the airplanes take off, especially the big ones.  The 787 is so quiet!  I kind of like it but then again, I did miss the big boom as it went by me.

plane 5 006

plane 5 008

That’s it for now as I’m headed out the door to church.


One thought on “Plane # 5

  1. It will never cease to amaze me that those big planes can get up off the ground and take us so many miles so fast and we can be pretty comfortable in the process. Those people who build airplanes are pretty special. I am so thankful to fly and not drive to see my grandchildren.


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