Busy Sunny Day

Well we finally got a reprieve from the rain, all-be-it short.  Granted, I am partial to rainy, gray days, but sunny, dry days allow more work to get done.
First off, my husband took the day to get the engine in our boat.  He has been rebuilding our 23ft Searay since October of last year.  After all the fiberglass work, he started rebuilding the engine.
Boat engine and cats 001
I even had to maneuver the trailer to get the boat under the engine.  The last time I backed a trailer up, I jack-knifed it into the back end of our suburban.  This is definitely a skill with which I struggle.
One other great thing that happened on this sunny day was the return of our cat, Hummer.  He wandered off last week and we figured he would come home, eventually.  We were starting to fear he was gone for good.  Fortunately, he befriended a lady that decided after a few days of not going away, she should take him to a vet clinic to check for a tracking chip.  Hummer came with a tracking chip and the vet clinic called us right away.
Boat engine and cats 017
We were so, so happy to have him returned and as much as those chips creep me out, I am grateful for the device.  Sarah gave him a bath.


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