Back to Routine
The holiday (Christmas) break was hard to leave. We are back to our school and work routines. Pete got back to Boeing, to the next 787 to be completed. The goal is to have it flying by mid-February. Homework schedules are the order of the day. I am getting up at the same time every morning to take Colin to early band class.

Through all this routine, I am contemplating my goals and interests for this new year. Making this blog interesting and readable is one area I would like to spend more time. There are so many hobbies and activities readily available, it’s hard for me to stay focussed.

This week, I’m getting ready for friends to come over and “play” Wii Your Shape. I am participating in the launch of this innovative fitness game. Instead of holding the controller, there is a video camera that records your moves. The game keeps track of progress to make working out each day less of a chore. We’ll see, but I’m excited to have friends join me on Saturday.


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