Ahh, Now We Are Catching On

Today was a most excellent day on the water. We were virtually the only ones for miles. We had some minor bumps along the way, but we figured things out and really enjoyed learning more about the boat, about being in the water and just about being together.
The Puget Sound was so relaxing and beautiful. We dropped three shrimp pots near the North end of Whidbey Island, on a tip that the shrimp were plentiful in that area. Once the pots were secure, we had a bite to eat and we let the waves float the boat around while we relaxed in the sunshine. It was so nice not to worry about what time it was, except to retrieve the shrimp pots.
This was the fun part. When we left the dock, another boater gave us a funny smile when we said we would be pulling our pots out of the water by hand. We knew they would be heavy, and most people use a wench, but we figured it would be ok to try it by hand to start with. Well, the pots were heavy. It wasn’t horrible but I couldn’t help but think of that man on the dock, laughing about our plight. I guess this was the positive part about the pots being empty. Sad, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.
We went home to get Sarah and finished the day with one more run around Hat Island. Every time we take the boat out, it gets easier. The kids were so much fun to watch and the sunset was amazing. We are looking forward to a very boat-filled Summer.


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