Updating Photos

Obviously, keeping this blog updated hasn’t worked out this month. Mainly, I upgraded my computer and I took a bit of time loading essential programs. Getting a new computer can be very wonderful, but it is also very time consuming. I foolishly thought my husband had the hard part of putting it all together and turning it on.

I am very happy with all this new technology. The purpose of this upgrade was so I could work on making all our HD video footage watchable. This is very time consuming as well. I am working on it. The hardest part is knowing when to keep the footage simple and when to be creative.

Since I have almost no attention span, I tend to jump from interest to interest so while software was loaded, etc, I embarked on organizing some photos. As I was doing this, I was thinking about the next photo to post to my blog.

No recent photos really inspired me. I did get a kick out of these three. They are all together because I have a new scanning process and it’s complicated so I just scan all the photos at one time. The first one is my brother Kent, myself, and my brother Ben. I’m pretty sure it was a road trip around Oregon somewhere, but I’m not sure. The second is the Everett Air Show at Painefield/Snohomish County Airport. This had to be around 1976 or 77. I think that is the engine of a 747 in the background. That was the big deal back then. I loved that airshow! The last pic is Ben and I in our backyard, in Lake Stevens. I don’t know why my mother thought having a bus was such a great thing, but she got it in her head we needed a bus for “play room” of sorts. It was mildly entertaining. I fell off the top one time. I was laughing all the way down so when I hit, I stopped breathing for a while. Ok, so the folks don’t know that, but I’m still laughing about it. In fact, when I think about that day, I can pretty much start laughing so hard, I cry! Don’t you love those boots I’m wearing! This picture was taken either 1981 or 82.

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