Mandi Goes to Leavenworth

Cousin Amanda finally came to stay with us, and she got to stay a whole week. It was a great week! We did a bunch of touristy-type things, and we just got to hang out and visit. Mostly we stayed pretty local, which included a drive to the Bavarian town of Leavenworth. It was a perfect escape since the Sunday weather on the West side was not cooperating. We left one side of the Cascades in the mid to upper 50’s and arrived on the other side of the mountains to a temperature of 80-something! Nice, except for those that forgot to wear shorts. Still, we enjoyed walking around, shopping, and lots of eating. It’s a nice, fast drive from Everett so even leaving around 5pm, we were able to enjoy a sit-down dinner in Monroe, while we waited for the typical Sunday return traffic to die down.
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